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LUXE NAILS and SPA - Six Guidelines for Keeping Long Fingernails - nail salon 08054

1, removing the current coating

Remove nail polish off your nails with nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Even if you're not using nail paint, you should wipe your nails to remove debris and grease.
Please wash your hands.

LUXE NAILS and SPA - Nail salon near me Ramblewood Mt Laurel Township, NJ 08054

2, Tidying your nails

Apply lotion to your hands.
Remove any leftover dirt underneath your nails using the end of a nail file.
If your nails are brittle or peeling, trim them very short or so they are all the same length.
You may shape your nails whatever you wish. (circle or square)

3, Maintaining your cuticles

Apply cuticle cream to your nails and wait one minute for it to set.

Push your cuticles back and then clip them carefully. Only trim them if they seem to need it.
Utilize the cuticle cutter to remove any dead skin from around the nail's edges.

4, Polishing nails

Polish your nails using a buffer. This will make the nail smooth and healthy-looking.

Wipe your nails with a cloth or tissue to remove any lotion that may have gotten on them.

5, Adding polish
Coat your nails with a substance that promotes nail growth. This will prevent any harm to your nails and help them grow long and healthy.

6, Preventing Nail Chips
Apply a base coat to avoid discoloration.
Utilize the desired hue.
Apply a topcoat.

After four days, apply the top coat once per day, every day.
After the previous three days, apply every other day.

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